Mould Cleaning

Our mould cleaning process is very thorough with the removal of the physical mould of all surfaces including ceiling, walls and air conditioners. As well as treating all airborne mould spores. This work done by our trained professionals ensures the best possible results. 

Mould Removal Process 

1. Inspection 

Our first step is to inspect the property to grasp how much work is needed and how much it is going to cost for our client.

2. Humidity Reading

A humidity reading will be done which will help identify the cause of the mould growth.

3. Mould Removal

Our team will remove all physical remnants of mould from contaminated surfaces 

4. Misting Treatment 

A misting treatment will be undergone to kill all airborne mould as well as ensure no regrowth of mould. 

5. Advice 

After our services are done all clients will receive a detailed protocol on how to reduce the possibility of mould production in the future.


Q. What types of mould do you service?

 We service all types of mould including highly toxic black mould

Q. Is mould harmful to my health?

Yes, mould can cause unwanted health problems such as a running or blocked nose, irritation of the eyes and sometimes wheezing.

Q. How do i prepare for a mould service?

We ask that no pets or people are present during the service and to leave the house vacant for 5 hours after the service. We also recommend removing any house plants before the service as well.