Industries We Service

Banking & Finance

The banking and finance sectors need detail-oriented staff even in emergency situations and we can help with that. Our cleaning staff members are trained to remove all the dust and dirt so your bank or financial location looks absolutely perfect.

Government Buildings

Plenty goes into keeping government buildings’ appearance pristine from cleaning art to ensuring the bathrooms are usable. APS cleaning provides your cleaning staff with floor scrubbing, floor polishing, window cleaning, pressure washer services, dusting, and carpet shampooing. All of our cleaning staff are hired after background checks.

Education Facilities

Keeping schools and universities pristine takes an army of cleaning staff. APS cleaning offers window cleaning, floor polishing, scrubbing, pressure washer services, carpet shampooing and dusting. We can also provide casual staff to be on call if you need a cleaning member to fill in.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer all types of cleaning services for commercial cleaning. We use eco cleaning methods to ensure a healthy clean of any building, office, or location. Our services for commercial cleaning include carpet, floor and window cleaning, and pressure washing sidewalks if necessary. Our staff has an eye for detail and quality management ensures swift cleaning.

Health Care (Age and Child Care Centres)

Cleaning health-care facilities particularly retirement communities or child care centres requires special staff members. We vet our cleaning crew with a long and thorough process and ensure they are professionally trained for all your needs. Services offered for health-care include vacuuming, dusting, floor polishing, window services, and water pressure services.


Retail cleaning is an attention and detail-oriented position. We offer you professional cleaning staff to ensure your retail location is clean and welcoming. Our cleaning crew takes care of the windows, floors, polishing, carpet shampooing if necessary, and water pressure cleaning for exterior needs.

Hotels and House Keeping

Making sure every room in your hotel is ready for the next guest takes an enormous number of staff. One person calling in sick might not be an issue. However, several housekeepers on leave may require our services. APS cleaning provides services to casual and on-call cleaning staff. They are professional and trained to help hotels and housekeeping.

Cinema, Theatre & Entertainment Venues

At the end of the night, cleaning cinemas is hard work. Removing gum, stains from the floor and getting the last popcorn kernel takes diligence. We make certain your cinema is ready for the next show in pristine condition. Our services include vacuuming, dusting and polishing floors.

Forensic Cleaning

Forensic Cleaning whether it’s Suicide Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleaning or Biohazard Cleaning needs to be treated by trained professionals for everyone’s safety and well-being.

COVID 19 Cleaning

With the global effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus continuing to evolve, APS continuously adapts to help and work alongside our clients. We now offer an extensive disinfectant cleaning service to help with infection control and prevention on your premises. We can put your mind at ease with a hospital-grade disinfectant that is proven to kill all germs and viruses such as COVID-19.

Mould Cleaning

Our mould cleaning process is very thorough with the removal of the physical mould of all surfaces including ceiling, walls and air conditioners. As well as treating all airborne mould spores. This work done by our trained professionals ensures the best possible results. 

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