Grounds Maintenance

APS has an expert ground maintenance team who are able to tackle your ground maintenance jobs no matter how big or small.  We provide a comprehensive range of services including mowing, edge trimming, blowing paths and driveways, hedging, removal of garden waste and clippings, lawn care including fertilising and weeding and garden and lawn watering to keep them green and healthy (especially suited to holiday periods).  While we offer this broad range of services, we are happy to tackle other jobs specific to your ground maintenance needs.  Our team can do once off or scheduled maintenance, accommodating whatever frequency you prefer.

  • Mowing
  • Edge Trimming
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Hedging
  • Fertilise & Weed
  • Garden maintenance

Lawn Mowing

APS are experts in mowing any type of lawn with any type of slope or access.  Our mower, “The Walker” is the Rolls Royce of ride on mowers.  It’s superior catchment system means that it leaves absolutely no grass clippings behind which can ruin the appearance of your lawn or create more work afterwards with clipping clean up.

The Walker is a no-turn mower meaning it is compact, agile and can access even the smallest lawn spaces.  While we can service your tiny lawns with ease, we can also tackle acreage and large estates, steep slopes and hilly yards quickly and effortlessly.

Many of our clients need large grounds and lawns mowed and they don’t want their clients or visitors to get fresh clippings stuck to their shoes and feet.

Edge Trimming

Creating a clean line between your pathways, gardens and driveways is what makes a lawn visually defined and truly beautiful.  Our edging services provide the contrast between the facets of your home exterior giving it that million dollar property feel.  Lawn edging and trimming can not only define the look of your paths, lawn and gardens but it also makes each area easier to maintain meaning it is both aesthetic and functional. It creates a barrier between open garden beds reducing the risk of grass and weeds permeating your gardens. A fully landscaped garden will always have impeccable lawn edging and trimming to accentuate the clean lines of your garden design, layout and overall outdoor space.

Hedge Trimming

If you need your home and property to look tidy, groomed and polished then hedge trimming is a necessity.  Unskilled hedge trimmers can make your hedges look patchy, uneven, and unprofessional.  Our team at APS know that hedging is not just about shaping a tree or bush but it specific pruning practices are also essential to promote the right growth in the right places.  With our modern, commercial grade equipment, we are able to hedge your property quickly and efficiently while delivering excellent quality, presentation and overall plant health.

We specialise in large properties and estates so are able to professionally cater to your extensive hedge trimming needs.

Path and Driveway Blowing

Leaf blowing might seem like a small job but when you have a large property to look after, it can be a mammoth task.  But with our team of ground maintenance professionals and top of the range equipment, we make your blowing needs a breeze.  

Leaf litter and grass clippings can attract rodents, spiders, insects and is also a fire risk. Leaf litter stops sunlight reaching parts of your lawn and garden, which hinders growth and you are left with brown patches across your lawn and garden, taking away from the aesthetics of your property.  By keeping your driveways and pathways clear of leaf litter, we can achieve a clean and tidy home exterior.

Fertilise/Weed and Feed Lawns

Having an impeccable lawn is the epitome of home and property beauty.  Pristine, lush and green lawns lift the entire exterior of your home, be it a standard dwelling, apartment building, estate or acreage.  Our highly sought after team of lawn carers know how to bring your lawn to its optimum health and appearance through weeding, feeding and fertilising.

We won’t be experimenting with your lawns, we know exactly how to care for your lawn whether it is a small green nook or a rolling expanse.

Lawn Watering & Garden Maintenance

Green, healthy lawns and gardens rely on consistent, measured watering and maintenance.  Both under and over watering can be detrimental to your garden health.  We can manage your lawn and garden watering and general maintenance on a scheduled basis, as a once off or while you are on holidays and unable to fulfill your usual care routine.

Leave it to our team, we take care of any lawn and garden area and take pride in achieving the best results we possibly can for small, large and even estate sized lawns and gardens.

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